Design for Good #Unignorable

Sometimes local issues can be hard to see. The #Unignorable birdcage was created in collaboration with United Way and was part of the Public Design Program at AuArts.


My preliminary design team was Megan Edwards, Yunjae Lee and Gina Jin Shin. I also want to acknowledge the help of Julian Zwack and Bill Hornecker for their guidance and 3D skills.

Designed to be an immersive and interactive experience meant to create the same feelings of isolation, helplessness, and uncertainty that thousands of Calgarians are experiencing in our community, the birdcage served as an engagement and educational piece to bring awareness about United Way's goal, which is to create awareness and ignite empathy so that people are able to get a better understanding of those who live with these challenges on a daily basis. 

A special thanks goes to Dirk Dorenbos of Access Anywhere, Joel Hawkins of True Mettle, Ben Hart of the Sait School of Transportation, and Sherwin-Williams for donating their time and resources to help us make this installation a reality.

The Concept:


Project Manager and Art Direction: Judith Aldama

Art Direction and Designer: Megan Edwards

Designers: Gina Jin Shin and Yunjae Lee

3D Modeler: Julian Zwack

Mentor: Bill Hornecker

Builders: Kirk Dorenbos and Joel Hawkins

Client: United Way

© 2020 Judith Aldama