When I was little, my mum used to illustrate fantastic worlds and illustrate characters for me to colour in. I used to art direct her and describe to her what I wanted and her drawings always went beyond my expectations.

I wanted to be just like her and be able to visually create my own worlds.

I had a bit of a lonely childhood and spent most of my time wondering around nature, muddying puddles with my rubber boots and laying around on mossy rocks or fields of dandelions. I observed a lot, I thought a lot and dreamed a lot.

To an extent, a lot of my personal work represent idealized versions of my experiences, thoughts and past, but I do approach my work more methodically now. 

For my personal work, I tend to imagine a topic, for example, an article on a magazine. Usually, this article which talks about a certain topic will be accompanied by an illustration...that is how I lot of my work begins.


I imagine the topic, the title of the work, the voice or the mood of the writer...and then I begin my work.

On my instagram page, you will find a lot more of my process, experimentations and commissioned and illustration work

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