​“Music is sound and energy that brings order to chaos: an ephemeral art capable of generating a powerful effect that is greater than oneself”.

-Carlos Bianchini, Pianist


A second CD cover and all its marketing collateral, mimicking the feel, mood and direction of the original CD was the goal of this project.

Aside from capturing the essence of Carlos' poetic vision, working in separate cities, in a new country and speaking only Spanish was not an easy task. Tight open collaboration and communication between Carlos Bianchini and his manager at BPManagement International was crucial to the success of this project.


Towards the final steps of launching the new CD and announcing the upcoming venues, another challenge came up: the hit of COVID-19 and the freeze of many businesses in Madrid.


The project's goals, timelines, and direction had to change quickly. All printed materials and some of the direction of the CD cover had to be adjust and a new series of digital marketing collateral had to be created.  


These are just a couple of the assets to promote the digital release.

Project Team Credits:

Graphic Design, Layout & Art Direction:

Judit Aldama

Art Director & Client: Carlos Bianchini &

International Booking & Production Management

© 2020 Judith Aldama