​“Music is sound and energy that brings order to chaos: an ephemeral art capable of generating a powerful effect that is greater than oneself”.

-Carlos Bianchini, Pianist

Carlos Bianchini is a global musician who has toured through most of Europe,  Latin America and United States, and taking part in a wide variety of projects in both the world of music and the performing arts, not only as a creator, but also as a producer. 


The collaboration and open communications between Carlos Bianchini and BPManagement International during this project was crucial to the success of this project: Paisajes, the second CD to his series.

The challenge of this project was to make the CD look and feel cohesive to the first CD (as this is a series of 3 CDs). Working in separate cities, we had to be in constant communication via video calls, phone calls and email to ensure the direction, feel and mood of the CD stayed true to Carlos' vision. 


As we were at the end of the project and almost ready to launch the new CD and announce the upcoming venues, COVID-19 hit and the project's goals, timelines, and direction had to change. We had to adjust and create a new series of digital marketing material to ensure its new directions. This are just a couple of the assets to promote its digital release.

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