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Redesigning KIND to be...well, KIND. 

As designers, the challenge is to respond to the needs of the users, and critically important is the need to address the needs of those with food sensitivities and allergies. When you have a life-threatening allergy, finding empathy through the application of information is crucial - you want the end consumer to be able to find the right information with ease and transparency.

Largely speaking to women and families but not disregarding other demographic groups, this new packaging system is clean and reliable with a sense of safety added through its calm and earthy tones. Its hierarchic information allows the reader to browse the package with easy access to crucial ingredients information, and with its display feature, the consumer can quickly identify its ingredients, allowing for an extra visual component that adds to their purchasing needs. Lastly, the package is 100% recyclable and compostable. A feature that is very attractive to an eco-conscious and health consumer.​





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