mud URBAN POTTERS is a new boutique ceramics Calgary-based studio that bravely opens its doors to the community in the midsts of a Pandemic! (October 2020)


founded by Jenna Thompson, mud Urban Potters' core values lay in staying grounded and humane and caters to anyone seeking to explore, create and find a balance between the organic and the inorganic world.

Jenna had been planning and envisioning her new business for some time and knew what she wanted:

A complete visual identity that resonated with her business.

And within the first week of going live, all their classes were SOLD OUT!

Below you can see a couple of pages from the basic brand identity guidelines as well as some illustration for web and print.

Learn more at and @mud.potters

image copyright: mud urban potters

image copyright: mud urban potters


Graphic Design & Art Direction: Judit Aldama

Photography: Brett Gilmour Photography

Client: Mud Urban Potters

© 2020 Judith Aldama